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First step:

1 - Go to the left of the screen and select the kind of paper you may need.

2 – Once you are in the item, choose the weight and the kind of product.

3 - Select the desired size and the colour.

4 - Click on Add (at the right bottom of the screen) to add the selected product to the shopping cart.

5 - Review your shopping basket and if you may need to modify some data.

6 - Select "Continue buying" to add other products, or "Checkout" if you have finished your purchase.
    If you choose "Continue buying" follow again the above steps.
    If you choose "Proceed to checkout":

7 - Then we need all your data correct, so we can ship your order properly.

7.1 -  If you have already signed up  "Registered customer": Enter your email and the password  given when you signed up.
   If you have forgotten your password, enter your email and select "forgotten your password?" We will automatically send your password to your email address.

7.2 - If you haven’t signed yet, then select "New Client"
   - Go to the right side and write your name and surname.
   - The I.D. card number will be only necessary if you may need an invoice of your order.
   - Your e-mail address. In your e-mail address you'll receive the orders confirmations, and we can contact you in case any problem may happen.
   - Address: street / square / number, floor, etc.
   - Postcode or Zip: This data is essential. Take special care when you write it down.
   - Country: select the country in the display.
   - State: it refers to the state, province, county, district, or any political subdivision within your      country.
   - City
   - Telephone number: We require the phone number to contact you if we need to give you information about any problem which can be produced and we are not able to contact you by e-mail.
   - Enter a password that you can remember easily and repeat it to ensure it.
   - Press "Continue"

 8 - Second Step: Check all your data and in this section you will be able to enter a different  address  for     delivery if it is needed.  - Click "Continue"


9 - Third step: Select the payment method.  - Click "Continue"


10 - Fourth step:  Recheck all your data again, including the method of payment. Also if you wish you can print on a file all the details of your order just to remember what you have requested.
    If you decide to change something in the payment method, you can now go back and change it.  If everything is correct, click "Continue"

The website will link from the payment gateway to the payment you have chosen.


It is very important that you keep the order number. You will be able to check the order status or the management concerning it later on.
- There is a section at the bottom of the page that will give you all the information about your account and your purchase.
- If you forget your password you don't have to register again, simply write your email address and you'll receive it immediately by mail.
- You can also check the status of your order.
- Any other question you may need, please contact to our email address:

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