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. Drawing paper 140-180-300 grs. square meter
. Two colours: White and Ivory
. Special gluing / rubber resistant.
. Hand-made  paper made out of 100% recycled cotton.
. Acid free. (Ecologically friendly)
. Four natural deckle edges


· Garzapapel drawing paper is manufactured in an artisan way, with four natural deckle edges (not torn).Thus we can offer the paper with four natural deckle edges on four sides(not torn) Most of the papers currently in the market, are offered trimmed or torn as their industrial production doesn't allow them the natural four edges presentation.


·  The drawing paper composition is 100% recycled cotton. Very few papers can claim to be only made out of recycled cotton. This composition is very popular in the fine arts papers, to provide greater durability and fixing colours in the artwork.


·  Garzapapel drawing paper is basically manufactured like the rest of our papers, however it has a top sizing (closing of the pores in the paper), which gives the paper much more resistance to the rubbing. This feature is suitable for art students because allows them to use a rubber without damaging the surface of the paper or the finished work.
·This paper may be used with charcoal, pen and ink-sanguine techniques and it behaves extremely well as, in practise, its finishing prevents the ink from smudging and this result in completely clean lines. This feature is rarely achieved in papers high in cotton concentration. However Garzapapel has managed to manufacture a 100% recycled cotton paper with an excellent resistance, comparable to other industrialized papers made with wood pulp (Eucalyptus or Pine), mostly present in the market.


· The natural medium-grained texture of great beauty, obtained by pressing between wet wool felts rounds off  the artisanal look of Garzapapel drawing paper.

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