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· Available in two weights 180g. (90lb) and 260 g.(121lb) per square meter.
· Two colors: White and Ivory.
· Composition 100% recycled cotton.
· Four deckle edges.
· Medium-grain natural textured.
· Special coating on paper front.
· Reverse side can be printed on as well.
· Free from acids. Environmentally friendly


· The fiber-based 100% recycled cotton gives to the common used inks in the inkjet printing world a hard to beat fixing of colors and durability.

· Craftsmanship with the natural deckle edges on all four sides, gives to the paper a special an aesthetic touch, designed for the reproduction of artwork and artistic photograph.

· The natural medium-grained texture, result of pressing them between wool felts, brings to graphic art reproduction originality and a well appreciated effect.

· The PROART special coating on the front side is what rounds off the set, to obtain the best results, with outstanding print quality and a difficult hard to beat brightness on an artisan support. The reverse side of the paper can also be used for more subtle effects, this back side is not coated, and the cotton structure of the paper lends itself well to hand-embellishment.
The coated side is easily recognized by the sticky or slipping touch, different from the other side, which has a soft cotton touch.

· The composition 100% recycled cotton allows us to make our small contribution to the sustainable development.

GARZAPRINT PROART is our finest paper specially designed to capture the most beautiful prints with inkjet printers. Perfectly suited for giclée prints.

Despite the difficulty of obtaining good results printing on handmade papers, Garzapapel has developed an artisan paper with special coating which offers the possibility to get spectacular results as those obtained with the best digital paper industry, but in addition we can offer an artisan aesthetic.

There is only one thing to do, the printer’s setting, for a perfect combination obtaining thus the best results.
Helping you in this setting we have developed a Proart manual printing,
You can ask for it writing to our e-mail address:

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