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 · Engraving and etching paper available in 3 weights: 180g./90lb, 260g./121lb, and 400g./200 lb. 
 · Size  from  14 x 20 cm. up to 100 x 150 cm.
 · Special ivory color
 · Natural medium grain texture by pressing between Worden felts.
 · Acid free
 · Four deckle edges
 ·100% recycled special blend cotton


 · Good dimensional stability.  When the evenly moistened paper dries, it will return to the original size and shape. Deformations and undulations are minimal. This feature allows you to overlap the different plates and colors with an accuracy that is hard to match.


 · High volume and sponginess. The special cotton fiber blend, fruit of our long experience, makes the engraving paper able to record even the smallest details in  graphic’s art prints. This gives a perfect reproduction of the plate and a high-quality work.
In low weights such as 180g (90lb), it can match and exceed the engraving capacity of industrial papers with weights of more than 300g. (140lb)


 · Available in three weights 180g (90lb), 260g. (121lb), and 400g. (200lb). We’ll choose the thickness of the paper depending on the volume of ink that we need on the sheet. The larger volume of ink we use the heavier paper weight we need. Thus for print relief such as linoleum, 180g.(90lb) will  have perfect behavior, while for intaglio techniques we choose the weight 260g.(121lb) and the weight of 400g.(200lb) will remain  for large deposits of ink or to be used in any intaglio technique and for watercolor.


 · Easy touch-up printing: Garzapapel Etching and Engraving paper allows the artists to clean the unwanted stains that can be produced after printing and before the ink dries, without visual damaging of the support.  Very appreciated feature between artist printmakers with less expertise or less experience when they print their works.


 · The ivory color is a feature of Garzapapel engraving and etching paper, it is well appreciated between printmakers. Its soft shade highlights the engraving and etching details compared to other papers that offer darker shades.


 · Its artisan development, manufactured sheet by sheet, allows us to present it with natural deckle edges on all four sides. Most papers on the market are offered trimmed or torn, as industrial production does not allow their presentation with natural deckle edges.


 · The engraving paper composition is 100% of cotton. Few papers can claim to be  made only out of recycled cotton. This composition is well appreciated in Fine Arts papers and gives the artworks more durability and incorruptibility.


 · The natural medium-grained texture of great beauty, obtained by pressing between  wet wool felts on both sides of paper, rounds off the artisanal look of Garzapapel  engraving paper.This texture is presented to a greater or lesser degree depending on the paper weight. Thus it is thinner in the smallest sizes and thicker in the larger sizes.


All of these exceptional properties that make it so special for different etching techniques have been proven by numerous artists, whose comments can be read in our  guest artists’ blog on this website, or in Garzapapel Facebook.

Our special thanks to all those artists who have helped us with their comments to improve the qualities of Garzapapel engraving and etching paper.

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